"We must accept finite disappointment,
but never lose infinite hope."
- Martin Luther King Jr.​

Nov 6 - 12, 2020


“The church is full of hypocrites!” You’re not the only one thinking this. There are many Christians who love Jesus and what he represents, but can’t stand the hypocrisy that gets in the way. Join us as we journey together searching for infinite hope amidst the nonsense.

Infinite Hope is a made-for-online series designed for people that have had bad experiences at church, but know that there just has to be more to the story.

Dr. Heather Thompson Day is a respected author, speaker, and professor who excels at being honest amidst the nonsense. Throughout this year, many of us have been wondering if this really is the end.

Join Dr. Day and others that are frustrated as we explore the persistence of hope through the darkest times.

Join us online each night at 7:00pm from November 6-12 at

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