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"We must accept finite disappointment,
but never lose infinite hope."
- Martin Luther King Jr.​

Oct 6 - 9, 2021


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Infinite Hope is an intentional voice speaking into the pain and hopelessness of this year. We understand the reality that each day is a battle, and we want to remind you just like we remind ourselves:

You’re not alone.

But what good is hope when I’m struggling to pay for rent? What good is hope when I don’t see any point in going on? 

Let’s talk.

Come hang out starting at 7:00pm CDT from November 6 through 12. 

Oct 6-7 @ 7pm
Oct 8 @ 7:30pm
Oct 9 @ 10:30am and 7 pm. 

You can tune in live here.

Sometimes, a simple reminder that you’re not alone, and that people see your grief is enough to keep you going each day.

Also, there’s free stuff.

Stay tuned on how to get said stuff. 🙂

Yeah, you right. It’s a church thing. 

But before you Alt-F4 outta here, hear me out.

The church done right is the safest, most welcoming, most love-filled place in a community. If you don’t feel that in your local context, then you’re in the right place because we’ve felt that hypocrisy too.

Our motivation isn’t to beat you over the head with Scripture. Our motivation is let you know that your experience and your voice are valid.

Give it a shot, and if it doesn’t resonate, tell me why. I’d love to hear from you.

Email me. Jonnywilczynski@txsda.org

Yep, totally. You can watch here.

I do gotta say though. I guarantee you’re going to get the most benefit from this event by watching live.

Why? Because we really do want to hear what you have to say. 

You can do that by connecting with others on our social channels, and by hearing the panelists discuss your questions live, you’ll be an insider!


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